Awarded for the most outstanding dining experience across the emirate’s food-related attractions and events.



Evaluation Guidelines

Maximum Score

How does your entity ensure a unique or superior dining experience for guests, that sets Abu Dhabi apart in your own special way?


Emphasis on uniqueness / originality and superior quality of the dining offerings, and how this enriches Abu Dhabi’s appeal as a multicultural dining hub.


How does your entity smartly take advantage of Abu Dhabi’s other tourist offerings to attract dining guests who are also visiting those attractions?


Emphasis on smart collaborations (e.g. with Abu Dhabi’s festivals, other events and attractions), connected journeys that combine multiple experiences in one visit.



What’s your facility’s approach to attracting more repeat visitors instead of one-time visitors?


Emphasis on diversity of experiences, loyalty offers, value added experiences that encourage repeated spending, incentives and other special offers.



How do you promote positive Visitor Feedback (including reviews, testimonials and customer satisfaction levels) to attract wider exposure for your entity?

Emphasis on innovation, reach and creativity in marketing tools, tactics and touchpoints, e.g. with food review platforms, influential food reviewers and more.



Why do you believe your entity has gone the extra mile and deserves to be a benchmark in Cuisine Tourism?

Emphasis on unique and exceptional achievements that distinguish this facility from the rest, and can take Abu Dhabi to the next level if implemented on a wider scale.


TOTAL: 100