An accolade for the tourism entity that takes luxury to new heights, including niche offerings such as cruise tourism, airborne tourism, luxury hospitality / concierge services and more.


Evaluation Guidelines

Maximum Score

How does your entity ensure a superior / unique hospitality experience for guests, many of whom are accustomed to some of the world’s finest luxury experiences?

Emphasis on uniqueness / originality and superior quality of the luxury hospitality offered, such as Concierge Services and other personalised experiences.



How does your entity incentivize greater spending by visitors to your facility?


Emphasis on value added experiences, smart incentives / special offers and connected journeys that combine multiple experiences during a visit.


How does your entity innovatively promote itself locally, regionally and internationally, taking advantage of Abu Dhabi’s appeal to attract more visitors?

Emphasis on innovation, reach and creativity in marketing tools, tactics and touchpoints for the local, regional and global audience, building on Abu Dhabi’s strengths (e.g. using Abu Dhabi’s MICE events to attract business travellers) and supported by actual campaign figures on visitors growth.


What’s your approach to turning first-time visitors into repeat visitors, as well as using satisfied guests to attract more guests?


Emphasis on loyalty incentives to encourage repeat visits; re-targeting or re-marketing, smart collaborations, and promoting positive reviews to attract more guests.


Why do you believe your entity has gone the extra mile and deserves to be a benchmark in Luxury Hospitality?

Emphasis on unique and exceptional achievements that distinguish this facility from the rest, and can take Abu Dhabi to the next level if implemented on a wider scale.


TOTAL: 100