In recognition of a travel and tourism blogger, influencer, thought leader or personality whose work has attracted a passionate fan base and sparks interest in Abu Dhabi’s offerings.



Evaluation Guidelines

Maximum Score

How wide was the reach or fan base of your travel content?

Emphasis on size or reach of the social presence / subscriber base / fan base, content views.


How creative or innovative was your storytelling and content creation?

Emphasis on quality, creativity and relevance, offering engaging and enlightening content.


How strong was the audience reaction or ‘viral factor’ of word of mouth: was your content picked up prominent local, regional or international media, major brands or other influencers?

Emphasis on the ‘viral factor’ of whether the content was picked up by major national, regional or international media or brands: shares, likes, comments, user-generated content and other fan participation.



How effectively did your campaign connect your fans to tourist entities or promotions in Abu Dhabi?

Emphasis on collaborations, competitions or special offers that incentivize fans to take advantage of Abu Dhabi’s tourist attractions and promotions offered by tourism partners.


Why do you believe you have gone the extra mile and deserve to be the new benchmark among Travel Influencers?

Emphasis on unique and exceptional achievements that distinguish the influencer from the rest, and can take Abu Dhabi to the next level if implemented on a wider scale.


TOTAL: 100