Awarded to the entity with the most positive tourist reviews, testimonials, feedback and overall customer happiness.


Evaluation Guidelines

Maximum Score

How do you accurately measure the happiness / satisfaction levels of guests staying at your entity?

Emphasis on how convenient the feedback system is for guests to participate in, and how accurate / innovative the CRM system / feedback monitoring is.


Please provide the latest Visitor Happiness levels at your entity for each month (up to 12 months back)?

Emphasis on whether the guest happiness levels are exceptionally high, and whether they are consistently maintained from month to month.


How have you implemented visitors’ feedback in enhancing the overall guest experience, and made Visitor Happiness part of your corporate culture?

Emphasis on actual examples of how visitor feedback was implemented to improve the experience of future guests.


Emphasis on actual examples of how organically Visitor Happiness is adopted in the corporate culture (e.g. employee training, multicultural orientation to serve international tourists, complaints management).



How do you promote positive Visitor Feedback (including reviews, testimonials and customer satisfaction levels) to attract wider exposure for your entity (and hence Abu Dhabi)?

Emphasis on how widely and innovatively the positive visitor feedback is promoted to enhance the image not only of the facility, but Abu Dhabi itself.


Why do you believe your entity has gone the extra mile and deserves to be a benchmark in Tourist Happiness?

Emphasis on unique and exceptional achievements that distinguish the facility from the rest, and can take Abu Dhabi to the next level if implemented on a wider scale.


TOTAL: 100