Honouring the entity with the best overall marketing campaign that has raised awareness about Abu Dhabi (online or offline) as a global destination of excellence.



Evaluation Guidelines

Maximum Score

How effective was your marketing campaign in attracting new visitors to your entity?

Emphasis on actual figures of the growth in visitors from the targeted countries / demographics, and achieving the campaign objectives.


How successful was your marketing campaign in raising awareness of Abu Dhabi itself as a global tourist destination?

Emphasis on how effectively the entity promoted Abu Dhabi’s tourism strengths or attractions to a wider audience worldwide.


How innovative were the marketing tools, tactics or touchpoints you used to raise awareness?

Emphasis on how creative, unique or smart the marketing messaging, channels, tactics and ideation was.


Can your marketing approach be used as a sustainable source of more tourists in future?

Emphasis on whether the campaign established new partnerships, wider visitor databases and greater visibility that can be built on in future marketing.


Why do you believe your campaign has gone the extra mile and deserves to be the new benchmark in Tourist Marketing?

Emphasis on unique and exceptional achievements that distinguish the campaign from the rest, and can take Abu Dhabi to the next level if implemented on a wider scale.


TOTAL: 100